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See how you can align, optimise and track work in your organisation with Sensei’s best practice portfolio and project management solution built on the Microsoft cloud. Easily manage projects, programs and portfolios of work to support the achievement of your strategic goals with Sensei IQ.

Leverage the investment you’ve already made in the Microsoft Cloud and integrate seamlessly with Microsoft 365 and the Power Platform, with this Microsoft PPM Preferred solution, Sensei IQ.

Find chapter breaks for this video below:
0:06 – Sensei IQ: Microsoft Preferred Solution
1:15 – Project IQ Overview
2:33 – Project IQ: Details
2:48 – Project IQ: Tracking
3:00 – Project IQ: Financials
3:09 – Project IQ: Microsoft Teams
6:35 – Portfolio IQ Overview
7:24 – Portfolio IQ: Programs
7:49 – Portfolio IQ: Proposals
9:25 – Portfolio IQ: Resourcing
10:21 – Strategy IQ Overview
10:57 – Sensei IQ: In-app Training
11:12 – Sensei IQ: User Feedback
11:23 – Sensei IQ: What’s New
11:30 – Sensei IQ: Microsoft Technology
12:02 – Learn More

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