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How Sensei’s project, portfolio and work management solution is supporting Hydro Tasmania’s production of world-class clean, renewable energy

When a Tasmanian utilities provider sought better visibility and control across all its projects, and a combined view across its full portfolio, it engaged Sensei Project Solutions for the delivery of its project, portfolio and work management solution for Microsoft Project. As a result, Hydro Tasmania today enjoys standard approaches to all projects, clear processes for project managers, an uplift in project management competence, and accurate information on all current and past company initiatives.

Hydro Tasmania is Australia’s largest generator of clean, renewable energy, and champions for a sustainable future. For more than a century, Tasmanians have relied on Hydro Tasmania electricity to grow communities and the economy. Employing more than 1300 people, the company produces about 9000 gigawatt hours of clean electricity from hydropower annually, and also generates energy from wind and gas. With a system offering total capacity of more than 2600 megawatts, Hydro Tasmania’s assets include 30 power stations and more than 50 major dams. The company’s vision is to help make Tasmania the renewable energy battery of the nation, creating an energy future that’s clean, reliable and affordable.

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