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Why you might need a project and portfolio management solution…

Excel hell

Our project information is locked up in legacy systems and spreadsheets and my key people lose valuable time chasing information.

Poor project outcomes

Too many of our projects are failing to get the results we need. We want to improve project delivery across all levels of project maturity.

Data, not insights

We’ve got project data overload but what we really need is trustworthy, intelligent and actionable insights into what’s happening in our business.

Project silos

We need a single source of truth for all projects, programs, and portfolios across our organisation to make sure we are not duplicating or double handling work.

Multiple project tools

Our people want to work with the project tools they like but we need to connect our teams and be more productive, anywhere, anytime.

Strategic execution gap

We need our project managers to understand our organisation’s mission and strategy to link projects to strategic goals.

Delivering business value

Achieving the business outcomes you require needs the right balance across your people, processes, and platforms.

People come first. Understanding that people work at their best in different ways is at the core of our 100% User Adoption process. We enable them to work intuitively, in the tools they already know, so they can easily get on with the work that matters, anywhere, anytime.

Then we map and refine processes and seamlessly craft them into the solution so that everything just happens, same way, every time, automatically.

Finally, we create the platform, a best practice, industry standard project and portfolio management solution, based on your needs and built on the Microsoft Power Platform.

Introducing Sensei IQ, our best practices portfolio and project management solution that aligns, optimises, and tracks work in your organisation.

Bring strategy to life

Align investments with strategy to ensure delivery hits the mark and benefits are clearly realised.


  • Optimise outcomes to strategic goals
  • Pivot project investments
  • Capture and track benefits delivery
  • Assess new initiatives and opportunities

Right people, right places

Limit delays and resolve bottlenecks quickly across every project by focusing effort on the correct tasks.


  • Forward plan resource allocations
  • Monitor exceptions with ‘at-a-glance’ dashboards
  • Track individual & team assignments
  • Submit & manage timesheets

Manage like a pro

Achieve organisational objectives across projects, programs, and portfolios by improving the way you work.


  • Connected, intuitive solution
  • Embed good processes
  • Support every level of project expertise
  • Collaborate on all work
  • Single source of truth for all projects

See the forest and the trees

Make informed decisions with meaningful, up-to-date insights across all portfolios of work.


  • Create real-time dashboards
  • See project status and resources
  • Monitor work and exceptions
  • Focus attention where it’s needed most

We use the Microsoft technology you’ve already invested in

We combine our expertise in Microsoft technology with deep knowledge in modern work trends, real-world experience and modern industry best practices so you can work seamlessly wherever you go.

Sensei IQ is a Microsoft preferred PPM solution.

Sensei IQ - Microsoft preferred solution

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