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NSW Department of Customer Service unifies projects portfolio with Microsoft Power Platform and 365

The NSW Department of Customer Service (the Department) is one of the State government’s 10 main departments, and is made up of more than 30 agencies, entities, and business units. Its 12,000 people focus on delivering excellence in customer service, digital leadership and innovation, with their work impacting millions of people each day.

When the Department was established in July 2019, it assumed most of the functions of the previous Department of Finance, Services and Innovation. It also inherited functions from several other NSW Government departments, agencies, entities and business units.

According to Nathan Frick, PPM Altus Product Owner at the Department, these divisions often brought with them different ways of working.

“For instance, Service NSW, which is essentially the front door for citizens and businesses to interact with government digitally or in person, has a very speed-to-market focus,” he explains. “In all of its projects, the importance is on getting them up and out and going very quickly.”

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