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Excel Hell

Is your project information locked up in legacy systems and spreadsheets?

It’s a common problem to have delivery schedules and key project information locked up in old legacy systems, separate spreadsheets, documents, and task management systems. Project managers end up spending valuable time chasing down information that’s often out-of-date and unreliable, and more time wrestling it into reports.

When the University of Melbourne wanted to boost the capabilities of its Enterprise Project Management Office through process and reporting consolidation and integration with Resource and Finance systems it turned to Sensei for assistance. The University now enjoys a standardised approach to project delivery with transparent and accurate information available at all times.

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Poor Project Outcomes

Are too many of your projects failing to get the results you need?

Poor project delivery can cost your organisation significantly. Not just in time and money but in failure to manage risk, or in lost opportunities to innovate and grow. Increasingly, project work is being managed by teams not formally trained in project management, creating the need for even greater support around the delivery process.

Melbourne water found itself in a position where it couldn’t effectively govern a large and diverse program of work, with one in three projects running late. They worked closely with Sensei and used their PPM implementation to evolve their entire business process. Today, Melbourne Water has one overarching tool that gives complete visibility of projects across the organisation, focusing time on delivery, not administration.

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Data, Not Insights

Have you got project data overload, when you really need insights into what’s happening in your business?

Information overload is a common problem in organisations today. There is so much data available, but what are the key indicators that help you to manage projects and portfolios effectively and drive your organisation forward? And how reliable are the numbers you are assessing?

Swinburne University was struggling with poor access to project data, accurate status reporting and resource and cost planning across its broad range of IT projects. Accessing Sensei’s experience in structured work management and reporting, key stakeholders and departments now see up-to-date project status dashboards, and quickly produce monthly portfolio reports to the executive, allowing them to keep track of the key indicators they need.

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Project Silos

Are you looking for a single source of truth for all projects across your organisation?

There’s nothing more frustrating than finding out the same projects are being run in separate teams, doubling the resource to get one outcome. Or learning how much time is lost on re-keying information from one system to another with inevitable errors or omissions.

As a large organisation with multiple projects and millions of dollars of capital work, Linfox wanted to automate and streamline processes and uplift the visibility of projects to gain a consolidated view of work across the company. Linfox now enjoys unprecedented transparency, standardised approaches and the ability to anticipate and solve problems before they become an issue using Sensei’s pre-configured Portfolio and Project Management solution.

Read about Linfox’s journey here.

Multiple Project Tools

Do your people want to work with the project tools they like but you need them to improve collaboration?

Connection across your organisation has never been more critical, particularly as the structure of workforces has rapidly changed, with teams delivering work from multiple locations. To gain the best results, it’s important to help your people work in the way that’s most effective for them, while still capturing all of the information you need.

Hydro Tasmania was struggling with siloed information across its various works management systems, complicating maintenance management and impeding project risk visibility. Deciding to take a proactive approach, Hydro Tasmania partnered with Sensei to deliver an integrated solution that now provides a consistent approach to all projects, an uplift in project management capability and accurate information on all current and past projects.

Find out more about Hydro Tasmania’s project management uplift here.

Strategic Execution Gap

Are you wanting to connect your project managers with your organisation’s mission and strategy?

As the role of the PMO evolves to drive strategic transformation in organisations, it’s important to align and assess your initiatives against key organisational goals, track and report on benefits realisation for the work underway, and give decision makers the visibility they need to prioritise and adjust key programs of work.

Australia’s nationwide postal delivery service had outgrown its on-premises project management system and was struggling to provide clear visibility of projects and portfolios to the executive management team. Working closely with Sensei, Australia Post now has a fit for purpose, cloud-based project and portfolio management tool. All project teams have easy and reliable access bringing significant time savings, and project performance is visible right up to the CEO, enabling efficient prioritisation of projects to deliver against strategic goals.

See how Australia Post transformed their approach to project management here.

Not sure where to start? We offer a complimentary Envision workshop

A great place to begin is taking some time out to review where you are now, identify where you want to be and create the vision to get there.

If you’re ready to take the next step in improving how your projects and portfolios contribute to your organisation’s success, Sensei is here to help.

In our complimentary half-day Envision workshop, your PMO team is guided through a structured process to help uncover your organisation’s goals and the best way to achieve them.