The Sensei Story

Since 2009, we’ve always been a company of passionate experts that have successfully delivered Microsoft based solutions to many organisations across many industries. Sensei has one of the most experienced and well-respected teams in Australia covering the full suite of Microsoft based Portfolio, Program, Project and Work Management business technologies. We’re proud of what we do and the great people that help make up this company.

The consistent success of our client delivery outcomes lies in understanding that a successful project requires varied perspectives throughout an engagement. We believe that to deliver true value to a client, we really need to understand what you are trying to achieve, and emotionally invest in the outcome. This means that we will ask a lot of questions up-front; to understand your business, your industry, and to really understand what you are hoping to gain by engaging us. Then we will bring to you a combination of different skills: business consulting, project management, creative design, solution architecture, app development, product know-how and recommendations, training, and support. Sensei believes that to drive the successful implementation and adoption of technology, all these skills must work in unison, in an environment that allows both your team and ours to feel like we have a shared vision and purpose.

We are a Microsoft Gold Partner in a number of competencies and our team collaborates very closely with the local and Redmond-based product teams at Microsoft. In addition, we are the only Australian partner that Microsoft has acquired technology rights from to incorporate back into their products; e.g. portfolio reporting, dashboards and time tracking, all developed by Sensei. We’re proud to see the things we’ve built making their way back into the base platform provided to all partners and clients alike.

Finally, we strongly believe in, and try to demonstrate daily, our core values (which are shown below on this page). We really believe this represents our organisation and I encourage that if you’d like to be part of our story, or want to know more, please reach out and talk to us.

Andy Neumann - CEO

Our Values

  • We Care Deeply About People - About us - Sensei Project Solutions
    We care deeply about people
  • We Are Passionate Experts - About us - Sensei Project Solutions
    We are passionate experts
  • Our Innovations Advance Our Industry - About us - Sensei Project Solutions
    Our innovations advance our industry
  • We Create Value In Every Relationship - About us - Sensei Project Solutions
    We create value in every relationship
  • We Are Easy To Work With - About us - Sensei Project Solutions
    We are easy to work with
  • We Keep Promises - About us - Sensei Project Solutions
    We keep promises

Sensei in the Community

We are a proudly Australian grown company that works with a broad spectrum of organisations in each state and territory across the country, as well as the APAC region.

A core value of ours is to care about people, both those of Sensei and our clients. To achieve our key focus of helping people thrive, we need to support the wellbeing and growth of the communities and environments in which our people live and work.

Our people participate in a wide range of community and charitable activities and we make regular donations to charitable causes on behalf of ourselves and our clients.

As part of our commitment to the community, we are proud to be involved as a business supporter of Greening Australia through donations, program participation, and company matching for Sensei fundraising activities.

About Greening Australia

From the warm waters of the Great Barrier Reef to the cool island ark of Tasmania, Greening Australia is working to develop practical solutions to some of Australia’s biggest environmental challenges so that people and nature can thrive.

Through five key programs, Greening Australia has bold ambitions to achieve their vision for 2030 which includes planting 500 million native trees and shrubs to capture 3.3 million tonnes of CO2 each year.

We encourage you to find out more about the important work Greening Australia is doing here.

We use the Microsoft technology you've already invested in

We combine our expertise in Microsoft technology with deep knowledge in modern work trends, real-world experience and modern industry best practices.

Awards & Recognition

These awards confirm our laser focus and innovative thinking on portfolio, programs, projects and work management solutions. We’re constantly motivated by excellence, seeking continual improvement every day.

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