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Transforming portfolio and project management at Melbourne Airport

Melbourne Airport has been servicing access to the city of Melbourne since 1970. As the second busiest airport in Australia, it is the primary international airport of the four airfields serving the Melbourne metropolitan area. In early 2020 with the onset of COVID-19, unprecedented disruptions and economic impacts paused the travel industry allowing the Airport to ramp up a large-scale digital transformation program based on the Microsoft Office 365 business platform. This included a complete upgrade to the technology supporting the Project Management Office, replacing multiple disconnected legacy tools. 

To meet the complex portfolio and project management needs of the Airport, together with integration into the finance system and alignment with the overall transformation program, Sensei delivered a one-stop, standardised and scalable solution spanning both the enterprise and capital works programs. With Melbourne Airport’s 100% adoption of Sensei’s Altus solution, it’s PMO now has a single source of truth and a single location to manage the oversight of all portfolios and projects resulting in greater visibility, control and value measurement. 

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