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Choose the Altus level that’s right for your organisation

Altus has 3 levels to meet your organisation’s project management maturity level that you can seamlessly upgrade at any time.

For organisations managing projects of varying sizes and complexities, and teams that need to collaborate.

Inc. 100 user licences. Need more? Contact us.


+GST per month (AUD)

Altus Project includes:

  • Task management
  • Project scheduling
  • Team collaboration
  • Project documents, reporting & dashboards
  • Project financials
  • RAID (risk, actions, issues, decisions)
  • Change management

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For organisations that manage programs,

portfolios, resources and PMO’s.

Inc. 100 user licences. Need more? Contact us.


+GST per month (AUD)

Altus Portfolio includes:

  • All Altus Project features
  • Program management
  • Portfolio management
  • Resource management
  • Timesheets
  • Project prioritisation
  • Business case management
  • PMO management
  • Innovation & ideas management
  • Dashboards & reports

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For organisations wanting to align and prioritise initiatives with their strategic goals.

Inc. 100 user licences. Need more? Contact us.


+GST per month (AUD)

Altus Strategy includes:

  • All Altus Portfolio features
  • Strategic themes
  • Strategic goals
  • Benefits realisation
  • Strategic alignment
  • Strategic dashboards
  • Top down planning

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Maximise your solution value

The following services can be added to any level of Altus subscription to meet your needs:
Process improvement and automation
Integration with Line of Business systems
100% User Adoption
Dedicated local support team & Account Manager

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Altus helps you to elevate your projects, programs and portfolios, manage your resources and align the work that matters with organisational strategy.

Frequently asked questions

What’s included in my Altus subscription?

Your Altus subscription covers access to the capabilities outlined for that level in the pricing chart, plus ongoing product fixes/updates/inclusions, in-product training, up to 100 user licences and access to ongoing insights, webinars, and Microsoft information.

Does Sensei offer volume-based pricing for additional users?

Yes. Sensei provides volume-based discounts. We’d love to chat to you more about this.

Is there a Team Member / Timesheet User licence option?

Yes. Sensei has options for Team Members / Timesheet Users. We’d love to chat to you more about this.

Can I uplift my level of Altus subscription if our needs grow?

Yes, you can seamlessly upgrade your level of Altus subscription at any time to support your organisation’s requirements.