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Sorting the reporting dilemma

Good customer experience is an important element in business that ensures people get the best user experience from a service or product.  But when it comes to government departments, many don’t realise that there is a state government body that caters specifically to this value.

The department has a vision to give the people of the state a great customer experience when they interact with the State Government across the board. With over thirty agencies and business units under its umbrella, this department drives improvement in consumer satisfaction, digital leadership and innovation in government services.

Streamlining risk ownership and status updates

An Australian government agency responsible for the delivery of advice and high quality, accessible social, health and child support services and payments engaged the expertise of Sensei to assist with their PMO.

The agency delivers support in a variety of ways including the provision of public health care such as covering the costs of basic GP visits, acquiring medicines and accessing mental health care. They also provide social welfare payments and assist parents with childcare.

Improved measurement of project outcomes

An Australian state government department responsible for effective and sustainable forecasting employs authorities in urban and regional development, natural resources, industry, environment, Aboriginal and social housing and water to support the growth of the state.

This specific agency is tasked with dozens of evidence-based civic projects for the state’s cities and regions to create safe and sustainable places for people to live, work and spend their leisure time with reasonable access to transport and other cultural amenities like theatres, museums, restaurants and shops.

Revolutionising Business Case Management

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, the efficient management of business cases for new project work intake has become a crucial factor in driving success for organisations. This major Australian government department was struggling with the complexities of manual business case management and called on the expertise of Sensei to assist them with transforming this labour intensive process.

The manual approach to handling business cases often resulted in inefficiencies, miscommunication, and a lack of alignment with strategic direction. For our client, it was evident that there was a lack of traceability, making it extremely difficult to link approved business cases directly back to the associated projects for ongoing reference and review.

Fostering effective decision making

A dedicated entity striving to break the cycle of individuals repeatedly entering the justice system due to a lack of support for transformative change called upon Sensei’s expertise. The organisation operates within a broad spectrum, offering services ranging from mental health and addiction treatment to intensive residential support, housing, and employment assistance. Their initiatives span the entire justice continuum, encompassing prevention and rehabilitation.

However, they encountered challenges stemming from disparate data systems, hindering their ability to efficiently manage strategic projects and provide stakeholders with real-time visibility into project progress.

Enhancing efficiency in project and financial management

In a world of increasingly complex government regulations, organisations need efficient projects and financial management systems. A major Australian government agency, committed to advancing their strategic direction and contributing to the economic and social wellbeing of Australians found itself grappling with the challenge of managing projects and financials consistently.

Awards & recognition

Our awards are a valued reflection of the innovation we strive to bring to our clients and our industry every day.