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Key takeaways
  • 30+ Divisions
  • 450+ Users
  • 1 Single Entry lookup

Good customer experience is an important element in business that ensures people get the best user experience from a service or product.  But when it comes to government departments, many don’t realise that there is a state government body that caters specifically to this value.

The department has a vision to give the people of the state a great customer experience when they interact with the State Government across the board. With over thirty agencies and business units under its umbrella, this department drives improvement in consumer satisfaction, digital leadership and innovation in government services.

From leading bushfire relief efforts, establishing work health and safety initiatives to managing the workers’ compensation system and passing rebates to ease the cost of living, this department’s projects are guided by their core values of integrity, trust, service and accountability. 


With so many of their agencies running countless civil projects, this public sector department needed their PPM solution to provide quick and easy access to the myriad divisions, departments, business units and teams that existed under one roof.  What they had been working with was a limited 5-tier hierarchy of general departments that forced them to drill down through a complicated and time-consuming process to access reporting data on selected projects in a chosen department. What the client wanted was a single-entry lookup capability that would allow them to choose from the 30+ divisions at a glance and access reports from any given division with ease.


Sensei quickly acted on this public sector organisation’s situation by creating a comprehensive Hierarchy Table with relevant relationships to each project in each business unit that could be regularly maintained and updated by the client. Use of the new dynamic look up allowed users to directly assign a given field to any of the hierarchy lookup fields. Creation of this hierarchical ‘slicing’ within the Insight Reports function allowed for filtering by any level of the hierarchy. i.e., you could slice to view all projects that fall within a division, or you could see projects that were directly assigned to the specific division. This simple yet effective new functionality allowed for varying views at different times and aided in more streamlined project management transparency and reporting for this busy public sector department.

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