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Key takeaways
  • Automated data transfers
  • Streamlined time recording
  • Seamless transition to DevOps

In a world of increasingly complex government regulations, organisations need efficient projects and financial management systems. A major Australian government agency, committed to advancing their strategic direction and contributing to the economic and social wellbeing of Australians found itself grappling with the challenge of managing projects and financials consistently.


Before engaging the expertise of Sensei, this government agency was managing their projects through two separate systems – Microsoft Project/ Project Server (EPM) and Team Foundation Server 2018 (TFS). The reliance on both EPM and TDS led to inefficiencies in project forecasting and financial management because the systems were operating independently. The lack of integration caused significant challenges including multiple sources of truth, manual data transfers, and time-consuming forecasting and time recording processes. Furthermore, the impending migration from TFS to DevOps added complexity and uncertainty to the equation.


Our tailored solution focused on integrating TFS with EPM, to create a unified platform for project forecasting and financial management. This approach was able to automate data transfers between the systems to ensure seamless and real-time synchronisation, while eliminating manual data entry and risk of errors.

Additionally, the Sensei team offered to streamline time recording so that TFS project team members would gain the ability to record their time directly within the EPM environment. The purpose of this was to centralise all project-related data into one platform.

Sensei recognised the significance of futureproofing and, as a result, meticulously designed the integrated system to seamlessly align with the impending shift to DevOps, guaranteeing both uninterrupted operations and a seamless transition.


Thanks to Sensei and Altus, this government agency are now experiencing significant enhancements as users gain the ability to operate within a cohesive system. This streamlining has led to a reduction in administrative and time-consuming tasks, thereby enabling the team to reclaim valuable time and redirect their efforts toward their primary responsibilities.

Automation of data transfers has led to increased efficiencies, minimised the chances of error, and enabled real-time data access. There is also improved accuracy as a single source of truth for project data has allowed the agency to improve forecasting and financial reporting.

As the agency continues to service Australians, our solution will empower them to navigate project and financial management with ease.

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