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Be guided by Sensei PPM Experts

A PPM solution can bring you many benefits, but it can be confusing making sense of all of the functions and features and relating them to your own requirements.

If you can’t easily articulate your requirements then it is difficult for vendors to provide you with a solution or a proposal that is likely to be accurate.

If you are having difficulty identifying your PMO and project delivery pain points, articulating your requirements and mapping them to a potential solution, speak to us about a complimentary half-day Envision Workshop, where Sensei will help align your needs with best practice, in a way that is practical and suitable for your organisation.

We will help you answer these questions:

  • What are my organisation’s pain points, and what type of solution can alleviate them?
  • How do I create a business case to prepare my organisation for a PPM solution?
  • How do I compare to other organisations/what does best practice look like?
  • What is the benefit of a PPM solution, and how will I measure it?
  • What are the steps needed to get from where I am to a successful implementation?

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    By Ryan Darby

    Success Lead

    With over 18 years in PPM and Work Management Ryan has developed into a well-rounded professional who can always be approached and asked for advice. With experience in over 100 PPM implementations and Ryan’s excellent people skills, he is always able to provide quality advice and direction. Ryan is an industry standard expert on all levels of PMI, PMO and Scaled Agile.