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What are Sensei Services?

We enhance your productivity, workflow, connectivity and business continuity by integrating innovative Microsoft technologies into your business processes and optimising those investments so your company can focus on what it does best.

How we help


Keep your people a step ahead and sustain your productivity with Sensei Training-as-a-Service.


We look at the big picture while never forgetting the detail. We get to know your business processes then align a productivity strategy to your business goals.


We will manage your technology end-to-end offering technical expertise, service consistency and dedicated support so your people can focus on initiatives that grow the business.

What we can do

Deployment Execution

We can help design and implement a range of technology and business solutions to help solve your productivity challenges. We’re best known for the following;

  • PPM Solutions (Project Online, Project Server and Planner)
  • Field Services and Project Services Automation solutions (Dynamics 365)
  • Insights and Integration solutions (PowerBI and Azure)

Process Maturity

Every business (and often its various departments) are at a different level of maturity when it comes to processes and productivity. We want to understand your business then align a productivity strategy to your business goals. We’ll help you migrate from a reactive to a proactive approach, and ‘fill the gaps’ such as governance and risk management.

Technology Guidance

Think of us as your technology tour guides. Leverage the collective subject matter expertise of the Sensei team to help you make the best decisions for your company and evolve your productivity.

Health Checks

The Sensei team carries out regular health checks to ensure your system is running optimally. We’ll:

  • Compare your system configuration to Microsoft’s recommended specification and our best practice experiences
  • Review error logs and determine if there any issues that require further investigation
  • Provide you with a report containing areas examined, observations and a list of recommended corrective actions.


We understand that the value of your software depends on how people use it. Our training is optimised for cloud services, keeping your people in step so you can sustain your productivity.

Sensei training-as-a-service is:

  • Flexible in delivery and cost
  • Responsive to continuous change
  • Not disruptive to business and
  • Provides continuous value over time

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