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The role of the PMO is expanding to drive strategic transformation across organisations and trustworthy, reliable data is critical for executives and their decision making process.


Do you have the right tools for the right teams?

Give your team the ability to use the tools will provide the highest value to them whilst ensuring the right information is captured along the way. Tools such as Microsoft Planner, Teams, Azure Boards, Project Online and Project can all assist the team, whether it is the Project manager, PMO or Executive, a waterfall or agile project (or a hybrid of both!), an experienced team member or a graduate, the right tool can help drive the right results!

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PPM is more than just "reporting"

Regardless of the tools your team use, your decision makers still need to have access to reliable, trustworthy data, any time and on any device. Effective PPM (Project, Program and Portfolio Management) is more than just aggregating data and putting it in a report. A robust analytical capability, that provides the right insights (at the right level of detail) and can report across functions, integrate data and be shared with internal and external stakeholders is critical. Insights and data need to be aligned with organisational maturity and capability of the individuals, teams and the organisation. Sensei has developed a number of solutions that can help achieve the visibility required for your organisation to increase your PPM effectiveness.

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Risks, issues, decisions, changes, benefits.

Project Management is not only about the tasks, the team or the schedule – although all usually very important to achieving the outcome! Managing Risks and Issues effectively can make or break a project, program or portfolio outcome. Tracking benefits that are delivered is an essential, but often overlooked activity. Effectively capturing decisions and changes is often left to emails, scraps of paper, or worse, people’s memories! By implementing a comprehensive PPM system, not only can you guide your team and increase capability and maturity, but the solution can bring together all these critical activities and information to ensure a greater chance of organisation success.

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Sensei IQ is the comprehensive solution to solve these problems

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Client Success

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Case Studies

Great brands doing great things with Sensei.

"Not only does the EPMO now enjoy a consistent source of truth on all projects at any time, but that data is quite literally at the fingertips of those who need it. Equally important our project managers now have a standard methodology and toolset for entering data; coupled with a robust quality assurance process. Overtime this enabled us to develop Executive support and trust in the reporting, giving means to be able to address problems as they arise rather than retrospectively.”

Sheridan Nanscawen EPMO – The University of Melbourne

“The software implementation was a great success! It took less than three months, with most of the time and effort focused on the change component and training our people. That’s because with the introduction of a standardised way of doing projects, we had to get all our project managers on the same page.”

Fiona Porter Head of Project Management – Linfox

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