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Transform Your Project Management

Navigating challenges in project delivery, resource management and administration, while staying focused on achieving organisational goals, requires innovative solutions. By adopting scalable and flexible project management strategies, organisations can improve decision-making and streamline workflows. See below how Melbourne Airport and the Department of Customer Service NSW were able to transform project management across their organisations to drive significant business value or take some time to assess your organisation’s current project management maturity.

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    Melbourne Airport Case Study

    Melbourne Airport, the second busiest in Australia, embarked on a remarkable digital transformation journey amid the challenges of COVID-19. Leveraging the Microsoft Office 365 platform, the airport initiated a comprehensive upgrade of its Project Management Office (PMO), moving away from disparate legacy systems. In partnership with Sensei, Melbourne Airport implemented the Altus solution, achieving a seamless, standardized approach to managing its diverse portfolio and project needs. This transformation has empowered the airport’s PMO with unparalleled visibility and control, ensuring a single source of truth for all projects and portfolios, and marking a significant stride in operational efficiency and value measurement.

    NSW Department of Customer Service Case Study

    When the Department was established in 2019 it assumed a range of previous functions along with different ways of working, managing processes and reporting information. Some areas provided services where speed to market was the driver while others were tasked with defining policies and standards and implementing them across government consistently. Looking to gain transparency across it’s portfolio of work, the Department engaged Sensei to implement Altus. Built on the Microsoft Power Platform, Altus leveraged the Department’s technology investment to transform its project management landscape.

    PMO Maturity Assessment

    Project management maturity is a strong indicator of the value that the PMO is driving in an organisation. Understanding the maturity level enables the development of a roadmap to chart continuous improvement and highlight areas to focus on that will elevate the level of delivered value. Find out what level of maturity your PMO is at.

    The Purpose and Challenges behind a PMO implementation

    The disconnect between senior management expectations and PMO performance is a prevalent issue, leading to significant challenges for businesses. With a high rate of PMOs being perceived as bureaucratic or undervalued, it’s crucial to evolve the PMO from an administrative to a strategic role. Addressing misalignments, particularly in people and change management, is key to harnessing the PMO’s potential in achieving business objectives and driving value.

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