How training empowers your team

Implementing new technology solutions is no small feat. After mapping business specifications, securing Executive buy-in and carefully managing the project, your work is still only half done.

One of the biggest factors for successful technology adoption takes place after the implementation itself: Training. If your staff don’t know how to use the technology properly – or why they should use it – the new solution won’t be fully adopted. This curtails the anticipated benefits.

The key to success is a comprehensive process-centric approach to training and change management, equipping the entire team with the knowledge and skills to confidently use the new technology.


Sensei Training

The value of your investment in any system depends on how people use it. We ensure that everyone has the right skills for success. Sensei offers several formats for effective knowledge transfer across multiple roles such as Project Managers, PMO, Executives, Portfolio Managers, Resource Managers, Application Administrators and Team Members.

Giving you the tools to succeed

Engaging hands-on sessions equip your people with new understandings and real-life skills. We deliver industry-recognised courses, rapidly equipping personnel with the required knowledge. Our experienced professional trainers understand how to deliver the most effective training for you and your team.

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Courses &
On-site Training

Sensei delivers onsite training throughout Australia as well as overseas. We value in-person engagements, where we build relationships while delivering highly effective training in support of your unique challenges and goals.

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eLearning &
Online Training

Years of practical experience underpin Sensei’s high-quality eLearning and Online Training Courses. With today’s convenience of technology and our methodic training approach, rest assured that you receive expert training no matter where the team is located.

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Project Management

Our books bring real-world experience and best practice recommendations together in practical guides.

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Targeted Training

Our professional and experienced trainers conduct training needs analyses (TNA) and develop targeted resources for incorporation into your existing Learning Management System (LMS). By accurately assessing your requirements, Sensei provides effective solutions for supporting your people’s transition to new processes.

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Which Training Is right
For You?

Effective targeted training is essential to the success of all software implementations. Training and targeted interventions are vital to help people maintain productivity, consistency and accuracy when adjusting to software changes. Talk to our experienced and professional trainers to establish the right training for you.

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Client Success

Don't take our word for it! Hear what our clients say about us.

"Sensei was extremely professional and took the time to customise the training to suit our business needs, which was great! Sensei took the time to understand our practices and was able to answer all questions, and efficiently transfer a clear message to our team."

Juan Garcia IT Operations Officer – Glencore Technology

“The training I received from Sensei was great as I was able to apply the practical exercises learnt throughout the session to the system immediately.”

Cher Dooling Project Manager - Opal

"Our Sensei Digital Learning Experience and Adoption Consultant was a natural and easy to follow along with. I usually find training sessions quite boring but these sessions were pretty engaging.”

Kelly Wickham Project Manager - Sustainability VIC

“The modules and content was easy to understand and digest and I enjoyed the practical and hand-on learning.”

Jocelyn Centeno Admin – Entertainment

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