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Why PMOs are becoming more important than ever

Increased adoption of agile delivery practices and the disruption of digital transformations pose the biggest challenges for PMOs to date. But there has never been a greater opportunity to prove to organisations why they are so valuable.

Traditional PMOs are limited by their approaches and tools and need to adapt to a more dynamic protocol to achieve desired growth while adding value to the rest of the business.

Gartner predicts that by 2025, 75% of all PMO value measures will be based on strategic business value, rather than on project execution efficiency.

The purpose and challenges behind a PMO implementation

There are many reasons why a Project Management Office (PMO) implementation could be potentially unsuccessful. In our experience, the most common challenges are not process or technology related concerns but people and change management issues.

Check out the top five reasons why we see unsuccessful PMO implementations.

How Australia Post transformed its approach to project management

Australia’s nationwide postal delivery service had outgrown its on-premises project management system and was struggling to provide clear visibility of projects and portfolios to the executive management team. Working closely with Sensei, Australia Post now has a fit for purpose, cloud-based project and portfolio management tool. All project teams have easy and reliable access bringing significant time savings, and project performance is visible right up to the CEO, enabling efficient prioritisation of projects to deliver against strategic goals.

Read how Australia Post transformed their approach to project management.

Take control with Sensei IQ – a Microsoft preferred PPM solution

With up-to-date dashboards, reporting at the push of a button, and detailed drill-downs into projects and resources, Sensei IQ puts you in control.

Start at the level that’s right for your organisation and let Sensei IQ grow alongside your organisation’s project management maturity.

Improve the way you work with a best practices portfolio and project management solution.

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