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Why PMOs Are More Crucial Than Ever

Increased adoption of agile delivery practices and the disruption of digital transformations pose the biggest challenges for PMOs to date. But there has never been a greater opportunity to prove to organisations why they are so valuable.

Traditional PMOs are limited by their approaches and tools and need to adapt to a more dynamic protocol to achieve desired growth while adding value to the rest of the business.

Gartner predicts that by 2025, 75% of all PMO value measures will be based on strategic business value, rather than on project execution efficiency.

PMO Maturity Assessment

Project management maturity is a strong indicator of the value that the PMO is driving in an organisation. Understanding the maturity level enables the development of a roadmap to chart continuous improvement and highlight areas to focus on that will elevate the level of delivered value. Find out what level of maturity your PMO is at.

Supporting all levels of maturity in Project Management

PMO’s are moving beyond the tactical execution of projects and more towards the performance of a wider range of activities that drive strategic value for their organisations. This means supporting more than just traditional project managers using traditional processes. New ‘mature’ PMOs integrate innovative technology with a focus on individual and team capabilities, and culture and key measurement metrics to help develop all types of project managers into ambassadors for value creation.

Transforming portfolio and project management at Melbourne Airport

Melbourne Airport has been servicing access to the city of Melbourne since 1970. As the second busiest airport in Australia, it is the primary international airport of the four airfields serving the Melbourne metropolitan area. In early 2020 with the onset of COVID-19, unprecedented disruptions and economic impacts paused the travel industry allowing the Airport to ramp up a large-scale digital transformation program based on the Microsoft Office 365 business platform. This included a complete upgrade to the technology supporting the Project Management Office, replacing multiple disconnected legacy tools.

Make work matter with Altus – a Microsoft preferred PPM solution

Are you looking for an adaptable and intuitive solution to transform the way you manage your resources, projects, programs and portfolios? Leverage the investment you’ve already made in the Microsoft Cloud and integrate seamlessly with Microsoft 365 and the Power Platform, with Altus, the Microsoft PPM Preferred solution. See how Altus elevates productivity on the work that matters most.

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