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Your Microsoft Project Online or Project Server 'Go-Live' milestone is just the beginning. Protect and promote your investment with Sensei Customer Care.

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Unlimited support for your Microsoft Project solution from an Aussie-based team. Fact.

It’s all too easy to think it’s all over once the ‘Go-Live’ milestone is reached. While it’s certainly a time for celebration, it really is just the beginning of the transformation to come. This is how Sensei Customer Care will protect and promote your investment:

Reactive Support

We offer UNLIMITED support tickets, because we understand disruption can be costly.  If you or your staff have tried to resolve a problem and can’t, we’ll put our experienced Customer Care team on it. 

Preventative Maintenance

Efficient systems need preventative maintenance, and Office 365 is no different. While Microsoft maintains the infrastructure of your system, it will still need someone to “keep an eye on it”. Sensei already knows what to watch out for.

Thought Leadership

Relax while we take the wheel for a bit here, new technology is our thing. Get a quarterly ‘Innovation Update’ showcasing the latest in product and platform news and updates, technology trends and market updates, including case studies from other customers.

Minor Enhancements

We know it’s impossible to plan for everything you’ll need and we include time for you to ‘slip-in’ bits and pieces of un-planned work. For example, you want to tweak a report to capture something else you didn’t think of at the time. Or, maybe you need some help to configure a view to present your information in a new way.

User Engagement

Sometimes people simply don’t know why they need to change, and it’s these times organisations struggle with user acceptance, or user engagement can decline over time. Sensei’s User Engagement sessions means we will spend time with you to work out how to get the message across to your people, then we deliver it.

Governance & Management

Customer Care works because we will have regular contact with each other. To help you (and us) manage your system, we will stay connected with you in a variety of ways including monthly reporting, unlimited emails and phone calls and regular catch ups with your team.

Thousands of tickets solved and real-time customer satisfaction metrics that speak for themselves.


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