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In our webinar series of “Ask an Expert”, we give the participants the chance to participate in an open discussion with Sensei’s experts. These webinars focus on specific trending topics related to Project, Work and Task Management.

Recording is now available for the webinar topic: Project governance & what it means for a PMO

Organisations are consistently changing the way they work, with the combination of traditional and agile project management the new norm. Whilst this has become the new way of working as business agility and flexible ways of delivering work is imperative for organisational success, many PMO’s are struggling to govern across both processes and methodologies of a hybrid workforce. How can you, as a PMO, provide value to your organisation ensuring that the information you provide is trustworthy and meaningful for stakeholders to effectively make organisational wide strategic decisions?

In this session, our experts discussed concepts you can apply in your own business processes to ensure that with the right initiatives in mind you have what it takes to improve the way your organisation works, no matter if managed traditional, agile or both.

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