Boost your PMO with an award winning and powerful turn-key PPM solution.

Many PPM software solutions are complicated and hard to use. Some organisations spend months getting weighed down implementing solutions only to use a small portion of the functionality. At Sensei we have developed a pre-configured PPM solution that is easy to use and quick to get started so that you get both improved productivity and portfolio insights that help you make better decisions faster and equip your teams with the right tools to be successful from day one.

Trusted by brands globally, Empower PPM provides an end to end solution including comprehensive reporting, workflows, training and process support in all key PPM areas from project intake and prioritisation, resource and demand management, budgeting and cost tracking, planning and collaboration, Project and Portfolio reporting and PMO governance.

Sensei also provides continuous and evolving innovations through updates and new features to keep your PPM solution current with industry trends. By leveraging your investment in Microsoft 365, users can utilise the tools best suited for them; the richness of Empower PPM and Project Online; collaboration through Teams, Planner for ad hoc projects and leverage the flexibility of Power Apps and Flow to rapidly deploy custom business solutions and integration with Power BI for advanced analytics and reporting.



Rapid Deployment That’s Scalable

Fully functional PPM environment deployed with projects and resources loaded within a matter of weeks.
It can support small teams but easily scales to a complete enterprise deployment supporting all levels of maturity.


Proven Process and World Class Reporting

Empower PPM is built on our experience from delivering hundreds of Project Portfolio Management solutions to many organisations over the past decade and provides the technology and processes you need to be successful.

Empower PPM is a pre-configured, best practices PPM solution that is compliant with PMI® industry standards and aligns to Gartner’s PPM recommendations, supporting both traditional and agile projects, or a hybrid of both. These industry standards and best practices are fully embedded into Empower PPM, ready to go.

It also comes with a World-Class Reporting platform that includes role-based reports and dashboards, and a data warehouse for reporting on related data from your Line of Business (LoB) systems.


Cost Effective and Instant Return on Investment

Empower PPM is only a fraction of the cost of traditional “blank canvas” deployments and you’ll receive continued enhancements as part of the subscription.

Empower PPM facilitates trustworthy data in your PPM solution so you can focus on variances and exceptions and get the right projects successfully delivered, in a consistent manner. Having data your Executives can trust provides an instant return on investment and demonstrates the value of the solution.


  • Create - Empower PPM


  • Plan - Empower PPM


  • Execute - Empower PPM


  • Collaborate - Empower PPM


  • Governance - Empower PPM


  • Report - Empower PPM


  • Enhance - Empower PPM


  • Integrate - Empower PPM


  • Security - Empower PPM

    Reliability & Security

  • Support - Empower PPM


  • Create

    Project Intake and Prioritisation

    Enable Executives to get an overview of incoming proposals with work and cost estimates; and show all projects and their relative priority in the portfolio.

  • Plan

    Resource Capacity / Demand Management

    View the true utilisation of resources by role, team and department and easily see which projects are requesting and consuming resources.

  • Execute

    Project Planning and Collaboration

    Monitor progress throughout the project lifecycle and understand and understand active risks and issues, action items, deliverables and missed deadlines across the portfolio.

    Budgeting and Cost Tracking

    Get a portfolio level view of cost performance against budget and original baselines. Track spending by cost type and monitor variances.

  • Collaborate

    Strengthen everyday collaboration with the social experiences of Microsoft Teams, which facilitate discussions, information sharing, and your team’s ability to get work done.

  • Governance

    PMO Governance

    From project lifecycle management to tracking compliance to project management and scheduling standards, Empower PPM will ensure governance and user adoption is achieved resulting in better data quality through the Microsoft PPM environment.

  • Report

    Project Status and Portfolio Reporting

    Track portfolio performance with Key Performance Indicators and easy access to detailed project status information and SharePoint project site data. Empower PPM has natural language queries making it even simpler to get to the data you need.

    Embedded Power PI Reports

    See your key reports via the Embedded Power BI dashboards, included in your Empower PPM subscription.

  • Enhance

    Create your own dashboards using the Portfolio Dashboard app. Microsoft purchased the app from Sensei in 2015 and incorporated the app into Microsoft Project Online. The tool provides great out-of-the-box dashboards and easy to use tools so that you can create your own dashboards.

  • Integrate

    The Sensei Integration Hub™ solution integrates with most Line of Business (LOB) systems so you can have all your project relevant data in one place.

  • Reliability & Security

    Microsoft takes care of the infrastructure, so you don’t have to. With comprehensive security accreditations and Service Level Agreements in place with their customers, you’re in safe hands.

    Sensei builds our solutions on top of the enterprise strength of the Microsoft platform so you inherit the same availability, security and reliability provided by Microsoft.

  • Support

    The Sensei Customer Care team provides dedicated, Aussie based support staff to our clients across the PPM and productivity solutions we provide. The team is comprised of level 2 and 3 support specialists with a wide variety of skill sets and experience.

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The right apps for the job

Sensei has a proud tradition of developing our own apps that can improve your working experience. In fact, Microsoft purchased a number of our apps to enhance its own Microsoft Project Solution. We have a selection of apps available and we can also create bespoke apps to meet your specifications.

  • Plan
    Project Sync for Word

    Project Sync for Word™ automatically syncs Microsoft Project Online content with your Word documents creating a single source of truth.

  • Schedule
    Sensei Schedule Analyzer

    Sensei Schedule Analyzer™ performs a series of quality checks on your entire Microsoft Project schedule to ensuring compliance with industry standards and best practices.

  • Sensei Bulk Update
    Sensei Bulk Update

    Sensei Bulk Update™ allows selection of individual updates and publishing multiple enterprise fields across selected projects.

Who is it for?

PMO & Finance

Enable the PMO to define business drivers, measure strategic impact of competing ideas, make funding decisions and view project and resource status across the enterprise whilst providing consistent and trustworthy data across your organisation.

Empower PPM enables the management of Project, Program and Portfolio Financial Forecast with the ability to manage Budget approval.


Enable Executives to define business drivers, measure strategic impact of competing ideas, make funding decisions and view project and resource status across the enterprise whilst providing consistent and trustworthy visibility of the Portfolio of Work within your organisation.



Make project management easy and engaging for project managers by enabling them to analyse resources, budgets and timelines. Project managers can easily measure progress and anticipate resource needs with Sensei’s Empower PPM solution.

Resource Managers

Empower PPM provides resource managers with a heatmap across the enterprise highlighting capacity and overbookings to ensure visibility and accurate allocation of teams to complete tasks across projects and portfolios.


We use the Microsoft technology you've already invested in.

We combine our expertise in Microsoft technology with deep knowledge in modern work trends, real-world experience and modern industry best practices.

Customer Success

Through the years we’ve worked with some of Australia’s best brands. Hear their stories and discover how we can help on your productivity journey.

Case Studies

Great brands doing great things with Sensei.

"The experts at Sensei have helped us to centralise, standardise, and create resource visibility to all of our IT initiatives. Sensei provided the training expertise to allow us to quickly grow our understanding and use of project and portfolio management. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product and team.”

John Caldwell Richport Shipping

“Historically, a lot of our project management information was held in disparate tools and systems across the organisation. Sensei helped us sweep all those data sources into one space and through that we gained greater efficiency in terms of being able to access and report on that data.”

Dan Butcher Corporate Portfolio Manager at SA Power Networks

“The experts at Sensei offer a practical approach to Microsoft Project training.”

John Stream Assistant Vice President, Desert Schools Federal Credit Union

"The Customer Care team at Sensei are responsive to our requests for assistance, rapidly fixing issues that arise so we can get on with what we do best. Our team love that they can call Sensei Customer Care up and speak to Aussie-based experts, get helpful guides and materials and schedule in person innovation updates."

Monica Geraghty Project Management Lead at Life Without Barriers

"The experts at Sensei have helped us to centralise, standardise, and create resource visibility to all of our IT initiatives. Sensei provided the training expertise to allow us to quickly grow our understanding and use of project and portfolio management. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product and team.”

Michael K. Ayres Information Systems PMO Director, Mountain States Health Alliance, Inc

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