Sensei Resource Heatmaps™

Sensei Resource Heatmaps™
  • Quickly get an overview of your resource availability, engagement, and coverage with Sensei Resource Heatmaps™
  • Instant insights that help with your resource management in Microsoft Project Online
How it works

Sensei Resource Heatmaps™ provides your organisation with:

  • Enterprise-level “Resource Utilisation and Availability Report” heatmap
  • Project-level “Resource Utilisation” and “Engagement Coverage” heatmap reports

There are three heatmaps available:

  • Availability: Assignments vs. Capacity – See instantly how busy your resources are with work assigned directly from project schedules
  • Engagement: Engagement vs. Capacity – Quickly ascertain how your resources have been committed via Resource Engagements
  • Coverage: Assignment vs. Engagement – Use this view to see the alignment of assignments from the project schedule and resource engagements.

Each heatmap provides:

  • Custom field filtering: Filtering by date and custom field
  • PDP filtering: show only resources relevant to the current project
  • PDF export: export the current page or all resources to share with your stakeholders.
  • Launch Project Pro or the Resource Center with a single click
  • Real-time: no waiting for refresh intervals – you can make changes and see the results on the heatmaps immediately

This Microsoft Project add-in works in: SharePoint 2016 or later, SharePoint Online.