Project Sync for Word™

Project Sync for Word™
What it does

Project Sync for Word™ automatically syncs Microsoft Project Online content with your Word documents to create a single source of truth.

Who is it for

Project Sync for Word™ is for you if you want to retain the flexibility of Word by adding content, but at the same time don’t want to copy and paste information from Project Online into Word every time you update your Project Online content. If you need to maintain a business case document that requires content from your Project Online environment plus the flexibility of Microsoft Word, this app will save you time so you can focus on the important stuff.

How it works
  • Information managed in Microsoft Project Online and SharePoint sync seamlessly with Word so you
    can say sayonara to double handling of data.
  • An intuitive interface allows you to easily add Microsoft Project Online content to your Word document.
  • Every version history is automatically added to your SharePoint document library.
  • Business users can easily generate standard documents for projects in the familiar setting of Word Online or Desktop.
  • Design Word templates to include your Company’s brand identity.