Sensei inSite™

Sensei inSite™
  • Snapshot Project-level fields.
  • Aggregates multiple lists in sub-sites into one
  • Captures edits in real-time
  • Configurable transforms. e.g. Strip rich text, turn SharePoint user fields into email addresses and more
  • Adds the Project UID for easy joining to other Project data items
  • Tolerant of lists having different schemas
  • Automatically adds data from newly created Project Workspace sites
  • Validates the data is correct whenever a project is published
How it works
  • Assemble information from Project Online to assist in producing portfolio reports
  • Create aggregated views of your Project Workspace lists for real-time reporting of Project information
  • Take Snapshots of Project custom fields for trend analysis
  • Get all the list data together at the PWA level. This data feed can then be used to provide portfolio dashboards and reports without the need for complicated queries
  • Use the Snapshot button in Project Centre to snapshot a customisable set of project custom fields for later trend analysis