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As Sensei has previously advised, Microsoft has announced their intention to focus all future investments on Project for the Web and the use of the Power Platform (see press release here) to create PPM solutions in the future, rather than continuing to further develop Microsoft Project Online.

As our last update on this was pre-COVID, you may now be wondering what this means for your Sensei solution and its connection to the Microsoft Project Online platform?

Watch the recording of this session to understand how you and your teams can get ready for, and prepare for the Microsoft Roadmap changes, and what the long-term plans for your PPM solution can look like.

Key Takeaways:

  • Microsoft’s vision for project, portfolio and work management
  • Things to consider, and the path forward from Project Online and Sensei
  • What would a transition to Sensei’s Microsoft Project Online platform?
  1. Sensei IQ and its features & benefits
  2. How Sensei IQ is different from your current Jumpstart/Empower tool
  3. Qualifying to trial and move to the Sensei IQ platform
  • Actions PMO’s can take today to plan for the future

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