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Snapshot feature now available in the Sensei Reporting Hub

Sensei is committed to innovating for our industry and has developed new functionality which further enhances the Reporting Hub and Sensei Jumpstart™ subscriptions.

The new feature is called “Snapshot” and is available in the Sensei Reporting Hub.

The Reporting Hub Snapshot feature enables you to create Project Level Snapshot data and report against the snapshot data. This provides you with a stable platform and standard process for capturing data over time.

By default, Project Online displays real time data, which is usually beneficial as most consumers of information need to see current and real time information about the status of projects, programs and the whole portfolio. However, there is often a need to find historic data for projects. Occasionally the PMO team will want to audit a project once it’s complete or, while it’s in progress, to find if its performance is trending upwards or downwards.

During project workshops we often discuss the possibility of tracking project traffic lights over time to create trends in reports. Previously we would have had to build the functionality within the Reporting Hub to take snapshots of certain data over time.

We often have a requirement to show the project overall status from the previous report, the change in project costs from one month to the next, or if the scheduled delivery dates have slipped any further since the last report. After receiving this request from many customers – we’ve decided to deploy a solution in Reporting Hub.

Snapshot will now allow you to view project data from the past – by day, week, month, quarter or at times you specify. Snapshot will capture all project custom fields, even those created specific to your organisation, however historical data will only be available from the point we deploy the feature.

Some potential applications of this feature, that may help your business include:
1. Show trends on Project Status Indicators or KPIs

2. Track movement in forecast dates similar to baselining

a. If a project continues to push out its finish date, you can view the movement of that date over time

3. For PMOs, review project history and find what dates or costs were planned at each approval point of the project

The good news is – it’s part of your Sensei PPM Jumpstart™ and Reporting Hub subscriptions which means it will be available for you to set up immediately (please contact us if you need assistance with this).

If this feature would be beneficial, please let us know and we can advise how to best take advantage of the Snapshot feature.

If you’re not a Jumpstart™ or Reporting Hub customer, please contact us to discover how you can utilise this great new feature in your own Microsoft Project Online environment.

By Phillip Eilenberg, Business Consultant at Sensei

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