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Introducing Project Sync for Word™

Here at Sensei, we believe that if something is worth doing, then it’s up to us to make it as easy and intuitive as possible. That’s why we created Project Sync for Word™.

Project Sync for Word is a new app that builds a bridge between your Project Online data and documents produced in Microsoft Word.

One of the most consistent problems we heard about from our customers was having to “double handle” data; taking it from Project Online into Microsoft Word, often multiple time as the data changes over time.

With Project Sync for Word™ this process is now a breeze. Let us explain how…

Before Project Sync for Word, producing documents which required Project Online data like Project Business Cases or Project Management Plans (PMP) involved constant copying and pasting back and forth between programs and then having to do it all over again when the data was updated.

Now with Project Sync for Word, the seamless synchronisation of data between Project and Word means that your data double handling days are done. This also gives you the peace of mind knowing that every time you refer to a document, the data in there is up-to-date.

This app is super easy to set up, with the intuitive interface making it effortless to bring over the data you want. You can synchronise your Documents in Word Online or on your Desktop (as long as you use Office 365 😊).

Let us show you what we mean in 4 easy steps:

Step 1

Within your Project Site you can open a document in Word Online:

Step 2

The document opens in Word and an Update from Project icon appears:

Step 3

Click on the icon, and the Project Sync for Word dialog window will open up right next to your document. To automatically sync up your document with your Project Online data – simply use the Update button:

Step 4

As a user you can very easily insert new content using the Insert Button:

You can include ANY content you manage on your project including:

  • Project Fields (e.g. Description, Status, Phase, Owner)
  • Schedule Data (e.g. Milestone, Cost, Summary Tasks)
  • Project Site (SharePoint List) content (e.g. Risks, Issues, Deliverables)

The content will be automatically added to your Document, and every time you click the Update button, it will synchronise with the latest data maintained in Project Online. No more double handling and the best of all, if you have version control enabled in your document library, it will automatically generate a new version.

Style it your way

We know that every business has their own unique style, and we’ve reflected that here by allowing for custom document templates to be generated, allowing you to maintain the look and feel that you’re used to, while also taking advantage of the powerful new features present within the app. And to ensure that all your bases are covered, in addition to using the templates that you’re used to, you can also add in any project specific information you need to include to ensure your project is at its best.

In addition to creating custom templates for use in documents, you can also collaborate on a document with your team members at the same time, allowing for instant feedback and faster completion times. Combine this with the automatic version tracking via SharePoint, meaning you can jump back to an older version of any document with ease, and you’re just scratching the surface of what Project Sync for Word allows you to achieve.


Project Sync for Word also gives you the best of both worlds from both Project Online and Word, allowing you to harness the accurate and powerful data reporting of Project Online as well as the flexibility and creativity offered to you by Microsoft Word.

I hope this has sparked some interest and if so please don’t hesitate to contact us directly. Please also feel free to download the brochure which can be found here:

Download the brochure here

Happy Project Managing… or should I say Document Managing 😊

Marc Soester, Executive Director of Sensei

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