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How a best practice project management tool can change health care for the better

Here at Sensei, our Customer Care team looks after Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Solutions across a number of industries. In fact, one of our team members worked as a consultant in the aged and health care industries until a few months ago, so we know firsthand just how tough it can be to get new health related projects off the ground and ensure they are carried through to completion. And anyone who kept up with the build of the New Royal Adelaide Hospital knows exactly what we mean, having seen it open 18 months after it was supposed to.

Most of the problems experienced by the people implementing health related projects stem from the sheer scale of the tasks at hand. However, on a day to day basis there are several seemingly innocuous factors which all combine to make project roll-outs more difficult. This often starts right from the base, with the niche, highly customised software in use across the industry. This software, frequently built from the ground up for each specific organisation can be very useful, however in some cases it might be holding health and aged care businesses back.

According to an industry report carried out by IBISWorld, the technological base of the aged care industry is quite low. Despite this, there are steps being taken in order to improve the level of technology available, to then improve staff efficiency, and lower the number of mistakes made relating to patient care. This development can only come as a good thing, as not only does it improve the quality of service, they also demonstrate the industry’s desire to change for the better.

Now you might be reading this thinking “I don’t have enough time to switch over to a new system and retrain all my staff!”. Well, let us introduce you to PPM Jumpstart. Jumpstart is a pre-configured Project Portfolio Management environment, aligned with the latest industry standards from both Gartner and the Project Management Institute (PMI). It allows you to get your best practices Microsoft Project Online environment off the ground in a matter of weeks. Combine this with the quality of Sensei’s training courses and you’ve got a lightning fast PPM upgrade that will set you up for years to come.

We know as well as you do that in the health care business, the goalposts for success are constantly shifting. With laws being changed, added, and removed all the time, and the amounts of funding being granted changing every year. In this unpredictable environment, it’s paramount to be able to remain flexible with your project forecasting and timelines. With PPM Jumpstart, it’s easy to adapt to changes, whether they’re internal or external, allowing you to operate proactively instead of reactively.

In the modern business world, it’s imperative that you’re able to keep on top of any changes in your project variables, and in the rapidly changing world of health and aged care, this is even more true. PPM Jumpstart allows you to do this with ease, and combined with world class training and industry leading best practices from Sensei, can become an extremely powerful project management tool that is sure to meet all your needs. Here at Sensei, we are all very excited about the potential for improvement with Jumpstart not only for the health and aged care industries, but for all industries.

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