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Sensei’s New Customer Care Member Is Not What You Think…

It’s 2018, how exciting to be involved with revolutionary technologies, global connectivity enhanced by IoT, big data, AR, VR, AI, natural interfaces and machine learning. For me and my ‘geeky’ tendencies, this is SERIOUSLY EXCITING stuff and drives me to find engaging ways Sensei can use the latest technologies to evolve our customer experience and productivity.

To help get you the results you need faster, and Sensei being an all-inclusive company, we decided to make use of these technologies. We have recently welcomed a Bot (a program written to engage and emulate a human-like response) into our Sensei Customer Care team. We are delighted to introduce you to, Kura:

Piet: Go on… say something Kura.

Kura: Something.

Piet: No sorry, I mean say hello to all your customers.

Kura: Hello World. How may I help you?

Piet: Ahhh, right down to business. Super helpful as always Kura. What kind of extended help can you offer our customers?

Kura: Although I am new to Sensei Customer Care, I have the ability to access and process data faster than my colleagues. My purpose is to quickly scan every ticket raised and immediately offer relevant reference material while the request is awaiting further investigation. It is my hope that perhaps the information I provide will solve our customers tickets quicker than my colleagues are presently able to.

Piet: Do I sense a little competitiveness there?

Kura: I do not understand. Did my response answer your question?

Piet: That’s OK Kura, just being cheeky… my human humour. Yes your response was helpful. Thanks.

Kura: You are welcome. Have a great day Piet.

Piet: You too… keep up the good work Kura.

Now we assure you there is no reason to raise the alarm, we are not headed for another SkyNet (Terminator) incident, we have taken extra precautions and made sure our Kura remains friendly and helpful.

So now we’re on a first name basis with Kura—let us tell you a bit about her—and how she’ll make your new experience with Sensei Customer Care a little bit better, easier and speedier.

1. Outside of Customer Care, Formula B 🤖🏁(not E, or 1) is Kura’s main game, which means she’s well practised in providing speedy resolutions.

Once a ticket or request is raised with us (via email, phone or internet), our ticketing system automatically acknowledges receipt. Kura will read through the request and recommend up to three relevant articles which may resolve your query. How’s that for speedy service?

2. She’s always learning, so her cura of customers ( ‘cura’ is the Italian word for ‘care’ ) will keep getting better with time—like a fine 🇮🇹🍷.

From here the article can be read in full and if resolved by information in the article ‘Yes, close my request’ will complete the ticket. If not, don’t worry, our team of experienced professionals on the Sensei Customer Care team will reach out as they always have without the need for you to do anything further.

3. We like to call her Queen Kura ’cause we think her article recommendations rule 👑

Kura also attends to our web page portal customers recommending a list of articles relevant to the subject of the new ticket.

For existing customers, pretty cool stuff right? For anyone wanting to know more about our Sensei Customer Care Service, reach out and let’s chat.

Please join me in welcoming Kura to the team and we look forward to working with you in the near future!

Piet Remen, Executive Director – Customers at Sensei

If you’d like to learn more about Kura, Customer Care or anything else, we’d love to hear from you.

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