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Bringing Productivity Innovations into Healthcare

In today’s world—where competitive advantages and customer preferences are fleeting—it’s important to diversify business offerings and reach as many potential customers as possible.

It is because of this need that one of our clients, a global health care provider (traditionally known for hospitals and clinics) leveraged reporting and project management software to make its foray into the retail pharmacy industry, with the aim of adding another string to its bow.

The process of acquiring a retail pharmacy is quite a complicated one. Initially, information needs to be gathered to produce a high-level report containing information such as the physical size of the premises and distance from nearby hospitals and healthcare facilities. Based on this, an offer to the franchisee is prepared and presented and then if this offer is accepted, the process of completing the legal and financial due diligence can begin. Finally, after receiving internal approval, the settlement phase is entered and the purchase is formally completed. That’s a lot of information to keep track of in spreadsheets and emails!

Our health care client already had access to Microsoft Project Online, but they needed help leveraging its capabilities to support the business acquisition process. Enter Sensei Reporting Hub – centralised data and reporting that effectively manages, tracks and reports on the business acquisition activity. The budding retail pharmacy group could unify different types of information and make it readily available, improve data visibility at multiple levels of management and quick smart to meet their pharmacy acquisition goals.

The major change that occurred after implementing the Sensei Reporting Hub is our health care client can now trust its data. Instead of having to carefully check which version of the spreadsheet they’re working from, employees can be secure in the knowledge that any information they’re looking at is up to date.

With the automaton of Reporting Hub, the global health care group said sayonara to manually inputting data into Excel. We also made sure that our client got to keep all its cool custom graphs and indicators by replicating them in Reporting Hub. From a change management perspective, this made the transition from the old way of doing things, to the new way of doing things smooth sailing.

In undertaking this project, a traditional hospital and clinics provider discovered new possibilities with Microsoft Project Online—not only as a tool for project management, but with the addition of Sensei Reporting Hub—it became an all-round productivity tool that could help them build a retail pharmacy empire.

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About George Malouf
An experienced consultant with a background in Human Resources and Social Science. Solution focused, and skilled at working with clients to understand their business needs and aid in the successful solution adoption, and able to work with a variety of teams to accomplish this goal.

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