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I spy changes in Power BI beginning with…

Premium; a new type of license for enterprises.

Microsoft recently announced a new type of licence called Power BI Premium targeting large enterprise customers where they can host larger pbix models, get more daily refreshes, get dedicated hardware and easily share reports beyond the organisation with non-licensed folks. The key change here is this type of license is capacity based so organisations don’t need to assign Pro and Free licenses individually.

T minus 8 days until dashboard sharing privileges are gone for FREE users…Don’t worry we’ve got a quick fix.

From 1 June 2017 Power BI Free users will no longer be able to share dashboards. Free licensees will only be able to consume. Don’t worry, we know a way you can keep your dashboard sharing privileges for another year, for free.

  1. Get a PRO licensed user to share a dashboard with you, a Free licensee.
  2. When you access the shared dashboard there will be an option to ‘try Pro for free’. Click it.
  3. Sign up to Pro here. Voilà! You will be able to share dashboards for another year until the Pro trial concludes.

UPDATE: Beginning on June 1, 2017, all eligible users will be able to opt-in to the Extended Pro Trial for the Power BI service. Activate your 12 month Power BI Pro trial » 

Power BI comes to the party for on premise customers…so long as you’re with Premium.

On Premise organisations rejoice! Microsoft recently introduced Power BI Report Server; a modern on premise solution for all your reporting needs. Catch is, it’s only available for Power BI Premium licensees.

Change is coming.

Power BI apps is a new feature basically replacing Group Workspaces and Organisational Content Packs with few more controls. We predict this will be a significant change management exercise for existing Power BI customers as users may need to be re-educated. With Power BI apps now in preview, you can give it a spin today. Keep your eyes peeled for the general release date, our bet is 1 June 2017.

So to Recap;

Power BI Desktop = Free

Power BI Free = Only free for personal use like building reports in desktop and publishing, but not sharing.

Power BI Pro = Personal use plus collaboration so sharing / creating Power BI apps / groups / daily refreshes.

Power BI Premium = Reports and dashboards requiring large power BI models, performance, more schedule refreshes without needing to assign individual licenses.

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Ankit Patira, BI Specialist at Sensei 

Ankit is Sensei’s Power BI guru and specialises in Microsoft BI technologies, cloud based BI and self-serve and data analytics.  Hailing form a development background, the data and technology enthusiast has extensive experience across a variety of industries and markets and takes pleasure in revolutionising your reporting with dynamic, easy to understand and most importantly – meaningful insights.


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