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Q&A with Darren Leffanue, Client Executive at Sensei

Bass-playing Beatles loving Leffanue is passionate about customer satisfaction — the song “I wanna hold your hand” comes to mind. Leffanue talks all things productivity including business tips, home automation and his favourite software tools.

What did you want to be when you were a kid?

I wanted to be a Beatle (for the young folk, pop group big in the 60’s, not to be confused with the little insects we see at Christmas time). I still do, but I’m fairly realistic, and no longer hold out much hope for this happening, especially given that the Beatle most likely to live the longest (Paul) is a bass player (as was I a long time ago), so not likely he’s going to give me a call.

What’s the best productivity tip you would like to give to business owners?

Take advantage of the relatively lost cost / entry cost of cloud business systems to provide staff access to the tools and information they need to do their jobs. Most organisations use some sort of cloud based collaboration tools (ranging from Dropbox or OneDrive, Office 365 etc.). Organisations still under invest in CRM for sales automation, and even more surprisingly, many don’t have an enterprise project management system even when projects make up a substantial part of their day to day activities.

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Buyers today are inundated with content and promotions touting the benefits of cloud applications. What Sensei differentiators enable you and your team to break through all that noise?

At Sensei, we have a great offering – Jumpstart™. Jumpstart™ is a unique combination of our expertise and IP, that enables clients to quickly and easily be successful managing their projects via Microsoft Project Online, in weeks not months, and at the fraction of the cost typical bespoke engagements.

What software tools do you use and couldn’t live without?

Dynamics CRM is a must, along with O365 SharePoint sites (integrated with CRM, of course). Previously I used Trello for task management, however now I’m loving Microsoft Planner, a new task management app available for Office 365 Enterprise E1–E5, Business Essentials, Premium and Education subscription plans.

What technologies are you currently trying out or want an excuse to try?

I am playing around a little with home automation. So far I have some lights automated, as well as the heat pump for our pool. I am keen to put digital remote access to our home doors, but there is an aesthetic hurdle to overcome before my other half will approve. The end goal is to have One Device (the Watch) to provide access to home, car and all devices.


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