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Q&A with Marc Soester, Executive Director at Sensei

10x Microsoft Project Most-Valued-Professional, Marc Soester, shares his insider productivity tips for meeting the changing needs of the modern workplace.

What are the key leadership challenges particular to project management?

I see two main leadership challenges; closing the strategic execution gap and ensuring adequate governance.

The execution gap is the chasm between strategic goals set by management and the actual execution of that strategy. Mapping your Project Portfolio Management capabilities to your strategy and tracking the work will enable you to close this gap and successfully execute your strategic goals.

Project governance ensures that the most appropriate processes are followed to achieve a consistent outcome. If you implement a process without the appropriate governance, processes are generally not enforced (or followed) resulting in the failure of your processes. All too often are processes are only documented and not implemented.

If a customer uses Consulting Services at Sensei, what should they expect?

We use our extensive experience and industry advancing innovations to solve customer business problems and advance their PPM capabilities. Our customers can expect a team of passionate experts who care about their success. The team at Sensei are true believers in win/win situations.

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What’s your favorite part about the consulting process?

I am obsessed with making customers more effective business operators by providing them with the tools and processes to make educated and objective decisions. All too often I see inefficiencies based on inadequate processes and communication. I love the fact that I’m able to close those gaps and evolve productivity for our customers.

If people want more information about Consulting Services at Sensei, where can they go?

Start at our website and LinkedIn profile and contact us directly. We love to hear from anyone who wants to advance their productivity. If you have some time to spare, register for our free webinars to learn about the latest solutions and best practices, get your questions answered, and receive tips on how to evolve your productivity.

What price do companies pay by postponing the adoption of modern best practice project management?

Companies face major consequences due to a lack of visibility into doing the right work and doing the work right. A lack of visibility can paralyse organisations as decisions are not verified nor objective. That poses a large risk to the business. Feeding back to the first challenge, most organisations struggle with execution of their strategic goals. PPM processes enable organisations to successfully carry out their strategic goals.

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